Has your faith been tested and tried by God?

Evidence of Things Unseen - The account of one family's

journey into a life of faith.

Everyone who has come to know Christ has a testimony. Your witness can oftentimes be your greatest tool in leading others to a life of faith in Him. This book is the testimony and story of Joseph Herrin’s family showing what a walk of faith can look like, complete with blessings and persecutions. It is a beautiful story of devotion and redemption, giving one a glimpse of the types of challenges we must face as followers of Christ Yahshua. • Beginnings of Faith • Discerning God’s Presence • Seeing God’s Hand in Discipline • Prophetic Utterances • A Fool Returns to His Folly • Faith’s First Steps • Mercy Amidst Discipline • Vulnerability Salesman • Father, Will You Heal My Son? • God is Our Health • A Failure of Faith • Follow Your Dreams • The Struggle Continues • A Cutter of Grass • A Perfect Provision • A Fresh Start • Pain City • New Beginnings • Jekyll Island • A Sudden Opening • Saul’s Branch • A Whisper on the Wind • A Titus Two Woman • Both Feet In • A Growing Hope • Pouring Water on the Altar • Storm Warning • The Storm Comes • Disappointment, and an Illinois Miracle • Eights and Sevens • The Threat of Eviction • My Son, My Son! • A Season of Grace • Understanding Comes • A People for His Praise • Addendum - Testimony of a Dying Son • Second Addendum - The Garment of Humility
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